A creative space to display my passion for photography.
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Why kittyears?

It all started more than a decade ago, when I was asked to define the core characteristic of my personal brand.
I wanted to convey my natural curiosity towards learning, the balance between my independent nature and the necessity to be a team player, last but not leasts, my ingenuity when I am approached with demanding situations.
I also needed to be flexible enough that could adapt and evolve with myself, kittyears is all this.
Behind the shutter: I'm Francesca

Photography and vintage manual lenses are my artistic outlet to incapsulate life moments.

I value collecting experiences, not things.
I believe in always doing the right thing, I strive to indulge my curiosity and sharing my knowledge.

I am a creative mind with a make it happen attitude, formelly trained in graphic design, I am always open to take a look at new challenges in according with my beliefs.

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Born and Raised in Italy, now based in Amsterdam.
Usually I respond within 48h.