Sparkle interested in the target group and design that can be used to raise funds.


The main focus are teenagers and young adults, between 14-22 years old.


Genderless and applicable to a multitude of situations.

Project Details
  • Client: Youth Center
  • Date: 2009/2010

A local non profit organization that worked with youth research reported that the main reason behind the bullying included physical appearance, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation this lead to increased risk of depression, axiety, lower accademic archievement and in the worst cases self arm and suicide.

Due to the lack of specific resources allocated to prevent the problem the client decided to create a specific support network for teenagers and young adults that had to deal with bullyism and in the future expand the project with prevention programs in collaboration with local high schools.

The design needed to be clear and straightforward in the messsage, interesting enough to bring awareness with the specific target group but also be flexible enough to be doubled as merchandising to raise funds to expand into a prevention project.