Brand identity (logo, business card, header for facebook and etsy)


A niche market of doll collectors


Illustrative but versatile, it's fun and original, very distinguishable.

Project Details
  • Client: Elena
  • Date: 2015

Elena is a third generation seamstress, althought she works as professional within the fashion industry her passion for creating clothes continues in her spare time, with a small botique for doll's clothes of any size. Elena has a very bright and energetic personality that is well reflected in her designs, and therefore in the brand image I created for her.

The sewing machine, her main trade tool, is directly connected to the shop name to symbolize how every item is handcrafted with high attention to details. Moreover wanting to keep a cheerful and child-friendly vibes I kept the colour palette withing a close range of vibrant and pastels, the same used in Elena's designs.