Engage recurring customers with age appropriate campaign (1,3) or approach new ones (2)


Target group is based on sales data, US stay at home moms, age group 28/35 and 55/65


Works in synergy with the brand, while promoting it's unique message.

Project Details
  • Client: PastBook
  • Date: 2016/2017

Campaigns 1 and 3 are for customers that have already received a photo book or are aware of Past Book (went through the creation process but not ordered).

Campaign 1 is directed to a much younger audience, Campaign 3 is for more mature women usually with grand children therefore being less internet savy the facebook blue is used to reinforce a sense of security and trustworthiness.

Campaigns 2 are a more "creative" ones to engage with new customers, the first one is a clear reminder of Facebook year in review for 2016 and the second one encapsulate the core values of PastBook (helping customers to relieve their memories).